Panda Drinks Review

I was pleased to be sent a few Panda drinks
to review as with all this darting around the place we are in desperate need of
decent refreshments. My boys have been
so busy over the summer holidays, they need to sit still for a few moments and
take a breather, getting them to do that is harder than you would think! Fortunately when you dangle a lovely new
drink in front of them you start to get their attention.

were sent a package containing four different flavours of Panda Drinks; there was a mini wrestle
to see who could get their paws on the Raspberry variant first. I am just glad to see my boys enthusiastic
to drink something that is not fizzy pop! 
Sadly hubbie likes his Coca Cola a little too much and the boys are
copying daddy, so I am glad to offer them something that is still tasty enough
and has no added sugar. In an ideal
world they would only drink water and milk, but I do not have the iron will to
keep them on that path so I am open to them having drinks like this on

are great for picnics so we brought them along to our PaddlePak
, with natural flavours and colours mummies will feel much happier giving
them to their cherubs! Also it’s a huge
plus that each bottle has less than 1% of your recommended daily sugar
allowance, its scary when you read some labels and you realise your getting 50%
of your sugar in one mad blow-out! My boys tend to go rather feral when offered anything like that… hence my love of water and milk and now Panda Drinks!

packaging is appealing with the cute panda looking particularly happy with
itself. I will definitely be searching
for more of these at our supermarket. They are
a good size to take along to after school clubs to avoid paying over the odds
for refreshments from expensive vending machines.

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