#PetStoleMyBed Competition

We have a part time dog, she mainly lives with my parents
but when they holiday rather than leave the poor mutt in the hands of my
brother she returns to us for a vacation of her own. She is sat on the floor now as I type looking up at my pudding
and trying to use her puppy dog eyes on me to get a tasty titbit for
herself!!! Later no doubt she will try
and jump on the bed and make herself comfortable, especially as our house is
work in progress so our bed is a better option than an uncarpeted floor!

is certainly making herself very much at home again; she has already attacked
the boys swing ball in an attempt to pinch the ball for herself and then went
on to lure a man dog over from a neighbouring farm (I got a shock seeing a
strange dog in the garden, but fortunately it had a lovely temperament!).

After all that excitement I think she will
be ready to sleep tonight, she is yawning in the picture. She is an
old dog now so I do not begrudge her if she does hop on to our bed and it does
not sound like she is the only one who likes home comforts.

have a competition running at the moment to win £500 towards a bigger bed if
your pet is a bed hogger! The
competition closes on the 13th of August, so you still have time to
take a snap and tweet it for your chance at the prize. I have been looking at some of the entries
and they do look so cute snuggled up in bed! 
Tiny cats, lots of dogs and even a fluffy rabbit! I should try and get a snap of our old aged
hamster but he would probably eat our bedding and make a nest…

of the competition can be found on the Carpetright website. I am sure most of us have pets guilty of bed
hogging crimes, but then again if I was a pet I would want the more luxurious option myself!

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