Rubik’s Cube – The Puzzle of All Puzzles

My boys have enquiring minds, they like to solve puzzles and figure things out. One of their favourite toys is the Rubik’s Cube. They are forever preserving to try and crack it; it keeps them occupied for ages. They have not managed it yet, so it’s a toy they keep returning to with a glint of hope in their eyes! Although they do seem to be getting closer, probably helped by the fact they have a little portable Rubik’s Cube on a keyring, so they can take it anywhere really easily!

If they have a lull in activity or are waiting for an appointment then out it comes, eyes are focused, little hands going in overdrive turning the cube around again and again.

The Rubik’s Cube reminds me of my own childhood, a brightly coloured retro blast from the past that’s still so popular now. It’s bringing back my cherished memories of trying to solve it, although confession time I have never quite managed it either! Even so it is still a toy I loved; I have never felt frustrated by it, just intrigued.

Even though you can find solutions on YouTube and people manage to do it really quick, I have never been tempted too, it would feel a teeny bit like cheating to watch them and try and duplicate the process. Instead as a family I think we will just keep trying to solve it ourselves and eventually one day we might just manage it! I best not tell eldest a solution exists though as he may well ask me to follow it just to see it being finished.

I cannot say we have a set method we just randomly turn the layers and see what happens, hoping for some sign we are doing it correctly. At best we make one complete side of colour but never all of them. However I am an eternal optimist one day we will fathom it out.

Talking of childhood memories, John Lewis Insurance has launched a campaign to celebrate that love of toys aptly called ‘Your toy story’. Each week a retro toy will be featured to emphasise how much amusement and memories toys can bring. With more children turning to screens for entertainment, its lovely seeing John Lewis focus on actual toys and so far refreshingly ones that require no batteries, just a child’s imagination and a willingness to learn.

This week they are featuring the Rubik’s Cube and you can learn a bit about the history on the John Lewis Insurance microsite.

John Lewis Insurance wants to hear your special childhood toy memories, share them on Twitter (@johnlewisretail & #mytoystory) and Facebook. Also, why not keep up to date with John Lewis to see what retro toy they will be featuring next week!

Since writing this blog post my resolve to solve it myself has weakened slightly and I am tempted to have a sneaky peek on YouTube, strictly for research purposes of course!!!

This is a sponsored post which has been written in association with John Lewis Insurance.

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