Surviving The Summer Holidays With Netflix

have actually ditched our TV license and replaced it for a subscription to
Netflix as long as we do not watch live television its fine to do that, so my
£5.99 monthly spend on Netflix is a
decent saving compared to the £12+ cost for a license! Plus I can always guarantee something interesting for the kids or myself to watch, which certainly was not the case before!

We have been so busy over the summer holidays dashing here
there and everywhere, we have been camping for the first time, to the circus,
the cinema, had playdates and family over, we have been to various attractions,
a castle, llama trekking and the beach. 
The boys do get a bit tired and grumpy if we go on too many long walks
so I like to give them some downtime to unwind on the sofa, tucked in a blanket
watching their favourite shows on Netflix.

have enjoyed watching episodes of How to Train a Dragon, LEGO Ninjago and the
Super Mario Bros cartoons particularly. 
I like them chilling out together because when their attention is
captured with some decent kids TV they stop fighting so mummy can actually
relax too!

summer holidays can be tough, I work from home so juggling my blog over such a
long break from school can be exhausting, but its amazing how much you can get
done when the children are happily occupied with Netflix. I can usually write a blog post, enjoy a hot
cup of tea and still have time to do the dishes without a grumble of complaint.

good thing is its so convenient because the programmes are all there you do not
have to tune in at a certain time of day to watch them, so if we fancy an early
morning stroll, then the weather changes and you then need some new
entertainment I know if I turn on Netflix we will not be disappointed for films
or just a shorter show there is plenty to pick from.

my next blog post for Mumsnet I will be including some videos of the boys impressions of
Netflix, but its safe to say we are all definitely fans of Netflix here. Of an evening hubbie and I have enjoyed
carving out some couple time watching some films for us. If you think hiring a DVD costs a fair bit
these days we are getting so much value out of our Netflix subscription.

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