#WeirdestPlaceToSleep Competition

sleeping habits are quite uniform, I usually can be found asleep in a bed! I have on occasion fallen asleep on the
floor but that’s about as daring as it gets. 
The boys on the other hand have fallen asleep in a variety of places
including their own dinner or the dogs basket. They used to play in their ball pit so often and tire themselves out they used to nod off in there too!

hubbie fell asleep up a tree when he was 18, due to a lot of luck he did not
fall out seeing as he had his beer goggles on! 
He managed to balance himself up there for a three-hour power nap before
his long walk home.

seems to have had quite a habit for sleeping in unusual places back then. On another occasion he slept in a ditch full
of spongy vegetation for an hour, only waking when the rain came, so I think my
hubbie is a suitable candidate for this Carpetright competition about the weirdest sleeping place. The competition is really easy to enter, just a quick tweet or
facebook status and the prizes are lovely, so well worth entering.

furniture we own looks lost in our new place, so £700 to spend at Carpetright
might mean we can make the place more comfortable. The competition closes on the 3rd September so you
have time to ask your friends and family if they have slept anywhere obscure or
interesting if you are more conventional like me. I should ask my brother he has led quite a life; I bet he has had
some curious naps in his time…

hubbie has got older he is not quite so flamboyant in his sleeping
practices. I think his body craves the
comfort of a soft bed, I guess the novelty of sleeping in trees and ditches
wears a bit thin when you have aching joints and a bad back! But I guess at least he enjoyed some rock
and roll sleeping habits for a little while anyway.

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