Affording the next child

At the moment I am feeling a little broody, I have a
pregnant friend currently blossoming and of course it does not help Kate and William are expecting
again. The media will be going into
overdrive all about babies! For the
next good few months the royal birth will be discussed in length just about
everywhere. It’s hard not to get
carried away and want another when you are surrounded by bumps!

Looking at baby pictures again isn’t helping either, it seems a very long time since they were this small. Now they are full of attitude at 5 and 7!

for us we have to seriously think about the cost implications of increasing our
brood. If I was a member of royalty I
would no doubt be gifted so many gorgeous items I am sure, money would not be
our main concern. Although I do think
poor Kate does have to battle quite extreme morning sickness so she does have
her own issues to deal with.

gap between Kate’s children will be similar to my boys; I was pregnant when my
first was one year old. You can of
course make some savings re-using the older child’s clothes and toys,
especially if you have two of the same. 
With two boys our clothes budget has been much cheaper than having to
kit out a girl too.

us to afford more we always have to be quite frugal. We tend to shop around and make the most of online
discounts. Mothercare was one of my
favourite shops, so I would be searching for special
offers for the baby to make some considerable savings. I had been out of work longer going pretty
much straight into expecting our second child, so I worked every discount

then we benefited from the Sure Start
Maternity Grant but these days that only applies to your first child. It gave you £500 to help with the costs of
having a child. So with finding out
what you are entitled too and making the most of any discount codes you can
bring down the costs of having children and make it more of a possibility.

George has had 4,000 gifts
since his birth, perhaps I should tell my dad
that when he says my boys are spoilt! 
Of course setting up a blog has helped, so that is another way you can
get some items to review. I am planning
a surprise and have lots of beautiful products arriving ear marked for that. Companies always want exposure and testimonies
of their products and it helps provide for my children in a way I could not
have before.

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