Articulate for Kids Review and Competition

have always enjoyed playing the adults version of Articulate, I took it to
university and would play it in the student bar with my friends. My complete lack of knowledge of places and
people had my friends in fits of giggles. 
So I was happy to be able to introduce my boys to the kid’s version of
Articulate given my fond memories back then.

is easy enough to set up and the rules quite self-explanatory, you move around
the board so many segments at a time depending on how many words you can
correctly guess before the egg timer runs out. 
At best I think we managed four at worst we would get none right! As the timer goes down you feel the bubbling
excitement will you be able to describe the word in time! You have to make sure you do not say a word
that includes your chosen word in it or a word that rhymes with your word but I
think that’s reasonable otherwise it would be too easy!

Playing the game is a great way to build on the general
knowledge of your children; they will learn more about people and places from a
younger age. My eldest is quite strong
on animals as a subject so it’s fabulous seeing as he develops in other areas
too. As its aimed at children there are
lots of cartoon characters within the people category alongside historical
figures, my dad bless him was a bit clueless when it came to those cartoon
ones but he still had fun playing the game with us. He might be more in the know now about cartoons then he ever was

is aimed at children 8+ but my 7 year old was in his element playing it, the 5
year old started out but after a few guesses wondered off to do something else,
which is pretty much what he does with most games at the moment. So I think a mature 6 or 7-year old would
really enjoy the concept of the game.

can find out more about the game and stockists from the website.

have kindly been offered a copy of Articulate for Kids AND a grown
up version of the game (12+) to giveaway too. If you
would like to enter then please complete the rafflecopter below by the 21st of September.

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91 thoughts on “Articulate for Kids Review and Competition

  1. Didn't know about this game but it looks fun! It's also good for children as they soak up factual information while enjoying themselves.

  2. Hi, my children are still a little young to start enjoying board games with us but hoping to get some of our old games out when the weather turns colder soon… so would be great to add to our collection!

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