Crafting has grown on me

Being a mother of two is not an easy task. I do have two lovely and adorable kids but they are both at an age where they love activities which causes much disarray.

Being in my early thirties and managing my kids, my household and definitely my passion for blogging gets me a tad-bit too tired. It’s during these periods of exhaustion I turn to chocolate…

It’s amazing if you place out lots of pens, glue, feathers and pom pom’s how long you can get the kids distracted, then you can sneakily get through a family sized bar of Cadbury’s in relative pace. Aaaah heavenly, but still keep one eye on them to oversee the activity, otherwise you might come back to find the dog decorated in feathers or the walls covered in ink! I speak from experience.

Just let one chunk of chocolate melt indulgently in your mouth, the boys used to ask what are you eating, nothing its just my tongue… so you can guess how often I stealth eat chocolate, the poor boys were making do with platters of fruit whilst money was keeping Cadbury’s in business!!! Well its good to support the economy and I read somewhere that a lady that was over 100 swore her longevity was down to her Cadbury’s habit. So off you go to put the kettle on and get the colouring supplies out and enjoy some R&R! The tidy up isn’t quite so fun but you can’t have everything…

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