Celebrating BEAR Turning 5

To celebrate turning 5 BEAR have teamed up with the WWF to
make a real difference protecting bears. 
Of the eight different types of bear in the world six are threatened
with extinction, which is heartbreaking news. 
So with BEAR donating 5p on single packs and 25p on multi-packs of WWF
Paws you know your doing your bit to help! 
Plus your children get a delicious healthy snack in the process too, so
everyone is a winner.

met the main BEAR himself my boys were very excited to be involved in the
birthday celebrations.

We were sent a
beautiful package, which contained a selection of BEAR Paws packets and a few
extra items to get in the party spirit!

a party hat, showing off his BEAR badges and blowing his fabulous bear trumpet
he was all set to party hard. After
that excitement he was ready to snack on BEAR paws. The cute bear packets make the product look so appealing, so grab a few packs when your shopping next and join the party!

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