English Heritage Annual Pass Giveaway

We love day trips and adventures, quality family time
together exploring the outdoors. It can
be tricky knowing where to head to after exhausting our usual places. The hike up the hill can get slightly boring
on repeat, meeting the same old sheep, but a membership through English Heritage means you have
no shortage of fabulous places to visit and all included in one reasonable
annual price.

Every weekend we can head off somewhere different with the
boys, with over 400 sites we should be kept very busy with our own annual
pass. We are always off somewhere or
other with events so we can always schedule a pit stop on the way home,
enriching the boys lives in the process and giving them a welcome break on a
long car journey!

The boys can learn more about these amazing historic
places and taking out membership ensures that these sites and monuments are
kept preserved for future generations. 
So our children’s children can still be enthusiastic and intrigued by
life of years gone by. I think what
they do is invaluable as I have had so much joy visiting castles, gardens and
ruins, as a family we are thankful to learn more about history and have such a
beautiful country to discover.

You can have an additional chance to win an annual membership by being creative, you can get your children to think up a summer adventure and send it off to the entry details on the website.

Best Kids Summer Holiday Adventure Days Out

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English Heritage – Best Kids Summer Holiday Adventure

I especially like it when an attraction has acres of land,
as that tends to wear my boys out as we uncover every inch of it by foot,
keeping an eye out for a secret chapel or a hidden chamber. You never know what excitement you might
find on an English Heritage adventure or what exactly you might learn. So its easy enough to pen a story for the competition when you have visited their attractions.

If you would like to enter the competition to win an
annual joint pass (up to six children under 19 go free on this pass) then
please kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 28th of

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Rochester castle 🙂 I remember going there on a school trip as a teen, loved Rochester and loved the castle especially, the kids would enjoy it too 🙂

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