Flooring got a whole lot more interesting

tend to go for a uniform look magnolia walls and oak laminated floors, but for
certain area’s of the house that might be a bit boring. The boys want something more exciting I am
sure, so they can call their friends over to gasp in amazement at their
monopoly flooring or Tetris blocks! I
like how UK Flooring Direct is
putting the fun back into flooring and come up with some exclusive designs.

The twister flooring might actually keep the kids
entertained for hours. It is super that
they can enjoy the flooring without needing to tip out toys to have something
to do! You could have one room
dedicated to twister and another to monopoly.

Or if we want to make it really interesting I could add a
section of the hole in the ground flooring to the hallway and watch everyone
side step on there way in!

Who thought
flooring could be so entertaining. I am
regretting having put in a bulk order on oak laminate now, when I could have
mixed it up with UK Flooring Direct and had more amusement.

Stunning flooring can transform a house; it certainly
would draw people’s concentration away from our rustic walls anyway! Re-plastering is so expensive I would prefer
it if guests kept their eyes down on the floor instead! We took off all our wallpaper so the house
could breathe (according to our structural engineer) but now you can see every
lump and bump far too clearly! It’s
better if you see the overall picture…

I think I have bitten off more than I can chew with
this new house, so possibly a nice bit of flooring to take my attention away
from all the unfinished sections of the house might cheer me up! At the very least it might keep the boys
quiet playing twister for a while whilst I drown my sorrows in tea and cake!

One thought on “Flooring got a whole lot more interesting

  1. I love these floors! I would have way too much fun with the "hole" in the floor design. It would be hilarious to see people try to step around it as if it was actually a hole. The Twister design would be perfect in a game room or children's room. Thank you for sharing this information. If you would like to see some other creative flooring ideas, please check out this blog – http://carpetexpress.com/blog/

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