Innocent #AlphabetChampions Ending with Z

Innocent kindly sent my boys a
wonderful lunchbox filled with treats including a full
set of their fabulous magnets.

I had the somewhat “enviable” task
of coming up with some ideas centred around the letter Z! Every day Innocent have been allocating a
different letter to a different blogger to promote their fabulous new pack

My two really like the Innocent
magnets, but this year its even more special as children will be so excited to
have their own name on their fridge door! 
You can find more details about the Innocent Alphabet on
their website but in essence you collect six barcodes and send them off an get
three names in the post.

Now without further ado let me bring
you the letter Z in all its “glory”!

So for us the main one has to be Zoo,
we love visiting this type of attraction. You can continue the theme at home, talking about the animals you have seen and learning more about
them. You could use your magnets to spell out some of the names of the animals you have seen.

zugzwang” relates
to chess when you have to make a move when you would prefer not too!

Eldest loves playing chess it is a great game to work on those thinking
skills and help with their concentration, especially now eldest is a junior at school and expectations are that
children are more focused and disciplined, its been a bit of a shock for him
after years of play. Thankfully with Innocent Smoothie drinks he can keep topped up with fruit and feel energised to face all the new demands.

Zuche is another word for the stump of a tree.

We love counting the circles on the tree
stump to work out roughly how old the tree was when it was cut down. It helps bring a little bit more nature into
the letter Z. You never know what you might find when you head outdoors and its great for the boys to top up on fresh air!

Zig-Zag lines are good to get children to practice writing, experimenting with different shaped lines helps increase their
confidence and can help little ones refine their fine motor skills.

All that thinking about the letter Z was thirsty work! Fortunately the boys have plenty of Innocent drinks to keep them refreshed.

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