Keeping toasty this winter

weather has been changing; it’s starting to get colder of an evening and given
we have a big stone house I am a little concerned about keeping us warm. Our radiators are still waiting in the box
to be installed…

We have to get the skirting sorted before the radiators
can be put in position and everything naturally seems to take AGES! To be honest we don’t yet know if everything
will work once its in place. It’s quite
an old boiler system and going on the condition we found the rest of the house
when we bought it, we are keeping our fingers tightly crossed it will actually
work!!! We do have hot water now so
there is hope.

I need to find other solutions just incase, like layering up instead! Wool layers are the best for retaining your body heat. I love the chunky knit
cardigan section from Wool Overs, that and a thick blanket for when we are
sat watching television of an evening and I might start to feel more
comfortable. I do not want to be a
little block of ice, freezing every night until Spring!

doors I will be adding draft excluders, a few of our rooms are work in
progress, so I will be keeping those doors firmly shut. We do not use them so I can keep what little heat we have in the
rooms that need it. I will spend more
time in the rooms that are naturally warm, like the kitchen when hubbie is
cooking or the boiler room when its heating our water.

have gone for laminate flooring, but that is very cold to walk on as the
weather cools. We will have to invest
in a few rugs to help our poor cold feet (my circulation isn’t what it used to be!). 
The attic needs to have decent insulation too and I do not think that
includes the generous spider webs already there…

have heaps of candles so I will be lighting all of them, at the very least they
give the impression of warmth admittedly only a very low level of it. I think I would need thousands of candles in
a house this size to even begin to raise the temperature levels.

warm is so important according to the NHS it actually keeps
you well
! I worry about my poor
boys otherwise; I do not want them to have a series of colds so I will be doing
all of the above to warm our house. Keep your fingers crossed for us that the radiators are ready soon!

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