LG G3 Review

Occasionally an item is offered for me to review, it’s a
moment of great joy! Usually you will
find me knee deep in toy reviews so something this lovely for me is a rare
treat indeed.

tend to have hubbie’s leftovers and have to fake a grateful face, I was using
his old S2 when he upgraded to an S3. 
But having lost it behind a toy box for a week or so I was solely using
the gorgeous LG G3. When I found my old
phone again it looked so dated in comparison, the screen so tiny, and the user
face uninspiring! I wondered why I ever
liked it in the first place…

you have experienced the LG G3 its hard to go back, when you have had a taste
of what it offers you cannot compromise with other phones. The screen is spectacular; its such an impressive
smartphone all round! The camera has advanced OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) so great if your prone to take blurry shots like I usually do! This feature reduces shaking, I do have wobbly hands so hopefully pictures will improve considerably from now on, like this gorgeous one of eldest.

makes a wonderful change that my phone now trumps my hubbie’s one. It’s so sleek and sophisticated looking, it
is on the large size but then it would need to be to pack in such a generous
screen (5.5 inch Quad HD display!). The
Quad aspect means it’s a lot sharper than your average HD phone. It seems much easier on my eyes, especially
now I am slightly hooked on playing Plants V’s Zombies. I can look at the screen quite happily
without feeling my eyes are strained.

love it so much I made sure I bought a case to protect it, my old S2 was just
at the mercy of the elements, but the LG G3 is one phone I want to hang on to
for as long as possible! The metallic
look of the frame is visually eye catching it seems a shame to house it in my
new Unicorn Beetle case and hide its beauty, but as I have two young children
prone to dropping things it seemed sensible to be cautious!

handles really well, whether I am browsing the Internet or taking pictures, the
user face is laid out well and it’s easy to find what I am looking for. If your thinking its time to upgrade your
phone then you will not be disappointed by this latest offering from LG.

can find out more information from the LG website.

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