Phonics Fun with Biff, Chip and Kipper 3DS Game

This game releases today and I must
say I love how it encourages my youngest
to learn, he is much more reluctant compared to his brother to sit still as he
wants to learn in his own way.

making things or finding things, but sometimes I would love him to work on his
letters and start his journey to read and spell in a structured way. Fortunately this game appealed to him
because it made learning seem more fun and he was willing to spend some time getting
to grips with it. He enjoyed having his brothers watchful eye giving him a little help when needed.

helps that it is very encouraging; whenever you finish a section you get a
jigsaw piece to complete a picture. The
additional motivation of lots of excellent/good messages too, helped him feel
he was doing a brilliant job and gave him the confidence to carry on with his

are plenty of different sections to complete, books to read, sounds to practise
and some spelling to try. We reviewed
volume 1 but the game does have another two volumes so you can progress on nicely
after finishing the first. I like that
the game covers a range of skills not just reading. My eldest is an exceptionally strong reader but his spelling
needs more refinement, a game like this seems to offer the full package
developing ability across reading, writing and spelling.

everyone loves the characters Biff, Chip and Kipper because many schools have
the books for children to read featuring them. 
They can identify with the characters but seeing them on the 3DS makes
it feel like indulgent screen time with the extra bonus of all the interactive features.

can download the game onto your 3DS through the Nintendo eShop for £19.99 or
alternatively buy a physical copy of the game (its only £17.99 in Game at them
moment). I can see me wanting to add
the other volumes to our collection.

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