Planning our first official theatre trip

I admit I get cabin fever if I spend too much time
indoors. I like as a family for us to
get involved in lots of different activities and have wide ranging
interests. We have watched the odd
pantomime but never headed to London for one of the big theatre shows. I know my two would enjoy watching a live
performance, something colourful to capture their attention.

We would be spoilt for choice; there are so many shows
suited for children at the moment, The Lion King, Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory and Matilda The Musical just to name a few. Youngest finally has the attention span for a proper trip to the
theatre so he would not be trying to talk a walk down the aisles or chat loudly
to whoever will listen! He would follow
the story and join in the songs.

I always worry though a trip to the theatre will be quite
costly, as a family of four the price can soon add up. But having had a look on Theatre Breaks you
can get some good deals! My dad is
keeping a close eye on our finances at the moment as he borrowed me some money
for the renovation project so I have to shop around and get the best prices on
EVERYTHING or face his (understandably) disapproving stare!!!

The boys loved the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book;
it is an exciting tale so I think as a family that would probably be our first
choice. I have heard the scenery and
costumes are incredible, the music lively and the characters funny. Of course that all depends if we can
convince youngest not to go with Lion King seeing as he is completely obsessed
with Lions, mind you if I explain that you can get a Wonka bar in the interval
he will be swayed I think!!!

It’s been a few years since we visited London with the
boys and living rurally we only have amateur dramatics, which can be
entertaining but not always for the right reasons! I want to watch a theatre show with all the trimmings, lavish
stage decorations and proper special effects! 
Reading The Guardian review for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory makes me want to book up tickets
today! I think I will check my friend’s
availability for visitors and beg a stay for some enriching theatre!

Of course my boys have been content with shows in
their local tiny theatre but it would be lovely to spoil them on occasion and
for them to see something with a bigger budget! Hopefully we will have the chance to take them soon, the special
effects at our local
nearly took us out, a bike wheel went flying into the front row of
the audience and the king’s slipper knocked my son on the head!!! So you can see why we crave the refinement
of a proper performance, hopefully with health and safety guidelines in

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