Scream for Soreen this Halloween

is gearing up for Halloween, so I was thrilled to be sent a package including
the seasonally packaged Soreen titled Scream! 
For your little trick a treaters these packets are ideal and as you can
expect with Soreen nice and filling, so less room for your mini monsters to
fill up on all that multi coloured candy that is usually dished out in

I think children will be
grateful for something different to be honest. 
My eldest enjoys both varieties; unlike his brother he is not such a fan
of the traditional malt loaf so he is glad he can now join the Soreen love within
the family. Although the chocolate one
is so moreish that I almost begrudge them sharing. Youngest loved the toffee apple ones so much he sneaked off and
had two in one sitting! Personally I
prefer the chocolate but that’s what’s so great about Soreen there will be at
least one flavour (probably heaps more!) perfectly suited to your taste.

It’s so exciting that
Soreen are continually bringing out new flavours all the time. I think the new Orange Fruit Loaf sounds
wonderful. I am a little hooked on all
things Soreen, so have to make my way through each new addition. It’s an ideal snack for all the family,
packed with fruit and low fat. My boys
badger me for things to eat, always wanting the next thing but with Soreen its
so satisfying they are content with just that (apart from the occasional time
when the novelty of a new flavoured snack necessities pinching a spare loaf just because!).

can find out which Asda stores are stocking the chocolate and toffee apple
loaves on the Soreen website.

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