TellTails Lion Review and Competition

The youngest was so pleased when his new lion tail arrived
from TellTails
for him to review, he wanted it put straight on so he could swish his fabulous
lion tail at everyone.

He had lots of fun as the tail is quite flexible and bends
how you want, so he would curl it up tightly at the end and carry a toy hidden
inside! I thought that was quite
creative of him, he always manages to find his own personal slant on reviewing.

My son suits the lion personality very well, he things he
is king of our household anyway… he has a huge collection of lion soft toys so
it is lovely seeing him be so engaged and happy owning his own tail be amongst
his lion crew!

are lots of different animals to pick from the website, so if you child is like
mine and very keen on one particular animal you know a present of a tail will
be perfect for them. My youngest is 5
and it really does suit that age, they enjoy dressing up and living in
imaginative worlds, so off he goes prowling around the house tail swishing
around looking for adventure!

like this are ideal for children’s parties or even for festivals, you can stand
out for all the right reasons when you go to an event brandishing a tail! My youngest is looking forward to heading
outdoors with it and hitting the streets of our local town, I have not yet seen
anything similar so he will enjoy the attention off his friends.

Lazy Lion tail cost Β£18 which given the unique nature of them I think is a fair
price. The tail itself is well made and
very soft. You can bend it like I
mentioned before and there is a tiny manual included that gives you some
helpful tail shaping instructions, like the cheeky monkey or bouncy
tigger. I am quite partial to getting
an adult version now and we can be a family of tails!

you would like to win a fabulous tail (adult or child) just complete the
rafflecopter below by the 7th of October.

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