The Official Playmobil Annual 2015

I was growing up I loved annuals, I always secretly hoped to have one for
Christmas. I would like to start that
tradition with my boys, annuals are great as they have lots of entertainment
within them, puzzles to complete, passages to read and pictures to colour, this
annual is no exception.

Both my boys love Playmobil so having an annual filled
with a mighty selection of knights, dragons, catapults and sorcerers is ideal,
plenty to keep my boys interested. This
particular annual helps improve your child’s drawing ability with pictures that
need finishing, build on their knowledge with crossword questions and brush up
on their counting skills.

your looking for something to keep your children out of mischief for a few
hours on what feels like a wet winter’s day (its gone freezing lately!) then a Playmobil Annual might be just the thing
your looking for. At the back of the
book you will find the solutions so after they have finished they can even check their own
work (no peeking beforehand!).

as 2014 is the 40th anniversary of Playmobil it’s the time to stock
up on any branded items to build up the buzz and join the celebrations. The hardback annual has an RRP of £7.99
which is reasonable seeing as its jam-packed with activities to do.

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