Veronica’s Crisps Review

boys and I have been happily munching away on these delicious crisps from Veronica’s over the last few days
following a rather lovely delivery from them.

had not heard of these crisps before but I will be certainly hunting out for
them again or just buying them in bulk from their online shop.

The boys loved the Crunchy Creatures best; eldest said
firstly the taste then the shape! The
pair of them had lots of fun with the dinosaurs before gobbling them up. At one point one of the Barbeque crisps
served as a Hover board for a dinosaur! 
Even though the Crunchy Creatures are aimed more for the children, it
did not stop them from wanting to taste test the rest of the range
unfortunately, meaning considerably less crisps for hubbie and me!

tend to skip crisps normally in favour of sweeter treats after my sandwich but
these crisps are a healthier version so maybe I can start indulging in having
both! I feel more comfortable letting
my boys chomp down on the Crunchy Creatures because they have less fat than
regular snacks, they are baked not fried so that’s always a bonus but as corn
snacks go these were tastier than most. Plus they encourage the imagination at lunchtime.

days you have to be careful of the packed lunch police busy monitoring the
contents of packed lunch boxes to ensure they meet the school criteria. Fortunately
these dinosaur-shaped snacks are perfect being organic, no GMO and minus the
artificial nonsense you would normally find in some crisps!

entire range is gluten free so if you have dietary concerns like that these
snacks are ideal for you! So not only
are they healthy and tasty they contain the secret formula to crunchy
happiness. With Veronica’s you can
indulge your snacking without feeling guilty, they are pitched as wholesome
snacks and I am so glad that with all those good intentions taste was never sacrificed.

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