Why The Work/Life Balance Matters More Than You Think

Ever been in a really, really bad mood and ended up taking it out on your partner, friends, or even – heaven forbid – the children? I don’t just mean times where you got a little snappy, and of course I’m not accusing you of violence, either. But we have probably all had occasions to look back and think “why the hell did I say that?!”. Rather than berating ourselves and living in the past, we really ought to be considering why it is that we’re taking out our frustrations on others – often, it stems from something a little more deep rooted than a bad day. Off to work my own Mr grumps!

One of the most crucial things to think about is your work/life balance. Sadly, having to work is a fact of life for many families, but for some people, it’s a far bigger chore than it is for others. We all know somebody who’s got their perfect job, and we tend to think that in the real world, that just doesn’t happen for people like us. Why not though? Why should they be content in their work and not you?

If you’re not happy with your job, I’m not suggesting anything melodramatic like quitting on the spot (especially not in the manner that THIS lady did…), but you can respectfully and professionally look for work whilst you have a job, if you feel like you’re a bit stuck in a rut and really, really need a change. The web thankfully makes this so easy these days, meaning you don’t need to trawl the papers for hours. Plus, you can even try out some fancy sounding titles in the search bars and see what’s out there. Pretty cool – especially for daydreamers, as they often tell you what you’d need in theory to get those jobs for you to then take away and work with. Try Indeed and Hales Group to get you started!

If your current job isn’t really the issue, but the scheduling is, you’re actually allowed to ask for flexi time these days – they have to at least hear your request, which is good! If you’re a shift worker, the hours can be long and unfortunately that’s mostly just a part of the job, but there are ways your employer can make your life easier. Perhaps one of the most demanding jobs out there is care work, but Webroster is something your company might want to consider – it makes everything more simple for you, and also helps them plan rotas so everyone is happy – crucially, client included!

Your dream job might take up time initially away from your family, but in the long run, the benefits can be absolutely endless. Perhaps you don’t even want a change of career – just higher pay, or possibly part time hours? These, thankfully, are all out there these days, and there are an abundance of jobs to be found which might suit you a whole lot better than whatever it is you do now. Whether you’re looking to entirely switch things up, or just relieve some of the burden on yourself, it’s time to put a plan into action. Especially if whatever it is you do now, or the way that it gets done, is distracting you from what really matters – if it’s making you want to gouge your eyes out – and even the eyes of everyone else – it’s probably time something changed.

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