Wickey Sand Pit Competition

summer holiday has been long and tiring, I love my children dearly but not
having a break for so long can be exhausting. 
I do not have a job outside of the house to enjoy a change of scenery,
it’s just been the boys and me and long days spread out ahead of us on repeat
for seven weeks. Think Groundhog Day
but with similar arguments all the time!

next summer I think I need to be better prepared. Having recently moved we do not have a huge amount of garden toys
to match our bigger garden I think its time to think about filling it! If the garden offered more in the way of
interest for the boys, I am sure they would be keen to be outside for longer,
benefiting from all the fresh air and the noise they make would be diffused a
little so better for my poor head.

have a trampoline already but having stumbled on Wickey I am tempted by the sheer choice of
outdoor toys! My boys are semi feral
now; they need to be busy, climbing, jumping, and swinging. I want them so tired they do not have the
energy for anymore sibling squabbles.

think I definitely need to research climbing frames I
am guilty of always telling my boys to be careful, which is supposedly not very
good parenting!

need the opportunity to make their own decisions so they cope better through
life when they need to make difficult choices. 
If we had a climbing frame I would have to learn not to say watch out,
go slowly and be careful so much! From
choice I would wrap them up in cotton wool but I must not do that and let them
develop as well rounded individuals who can manage as adults.

was offered a Wickey Flip Sand pit 120x125cm (£69.66) to review but we already have a sand pit so I thought it would
be nice to offer it up as a competition for my lovely followers. This is the prize itself; all you will need
to do is supply the sand and the children! The flip lid is handy to keep the sand nice and fresh.

you would like to win then simply complete the rafflecopter below by the 20th
of September and then hopefully your next holiday with your children will be
easier as you have more to keep them entertained!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

243 thoughts on “Wickey Sand Pit Competition

  1. This would be perfect for my daughter. Shes nearly 3 and loves to play outside but we dont have a grass garden its a yard and its hard to find suitable toys with us not having grass, this would be brilliant for her though. Fingers are crossed 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for this lovely Giveaway,My little treasures would love their very own little sandpit,I would love it too!!I always read your page and totally relate to lots of stuff in your life and likes and dislikes!!Thanks for always putting a smile on my face XX(carroll Marsh)

  3. Gosh, this brought back memories of my childhood sandpit in which I spent many happy hours playing. It would be lovely to watch the little people in my family enjoy the same.

  4. This looks ace. We are just about to move house, and have promised little G that we will equip the garden with fun stuff – however, buying the house has wiped us out so this would help us keep our promise to her. x

  5. thanks for another great giveaway, the sand table at my daughters first opportunities group is the first thing she go for when were in the door, we did have a plastic sandpit at home but "daddy fell onto it and broke it" so still need to replace, think this one might even be daddy proof lol, good luck everyone xx

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