9bar to the rescue and a competition!

Hubbie and I are not morning people; it’s a struggle every
day lately to find the enthusiasm to leave our warm beds! The boys woke up at 2am, 3am and 4am last
night with separate wee breaks and then a bad dream! So you can understand why we might lack a certain spring in our
step first thing.

is often compromised because we rush around when we finally get moving. Having tried to squeeze a few moments more
shut eye in each day, even though the boys are shouting “is it morning yet? Its
definitely morning, I think its morning therefore it is…” so really we should
just get up straight away and have more time to get a wholesome breakfast down
us. But as it is hubbie is usually off
to work with a rumbling tummy because we ran out of time again…

9bar came to the rescue sending a hamper of goodies,
so I packed hubbie off to work with a handful of 9bars to give him a boost in
the morning.

The boys were keen to try
out a bar too; youngest and eldest both enjoyed the Apricot & Strawberry
Bars. Eldest likes seeds and nuts so I
should encourage that palate and move him away from sweets. Youngest enjoyed the bar but did pick out
the sunflower seeds (a natural energy boost!) but as he is so full of beans
anyway him not having any more get up and go is not such a bad thing.

breakfast bars are ideal if like us mornings are manic and breakfast not always
guaranteed for the adults. Of course
the children never go hungry its just the big people that get forgotten
here. You can keep some bars stashed in
your office drawers and you will always have a nutritious breakfast to
accompany your morning tea drinking session.

blend of seeds helps with natural energy and if any family needs that it’s us,
hubbie and I are usually slumped over by midday! So anything to combat tiredness is welcome here. Thank you 9bar for giving us a lift the last
few mornings.

you would like to keep up to date with 9bar news and offers then please take a moment
to subscribe to their newsletter. I am off to drool over the picture of
indulgent flapjacks on their website…

I have been kindly offered another hamper to giveaway, if you would like to enter which I am sure you will please fill out the form below by the 2nd of November.

9bar Hamper Competition

286 thoughts on “9bar to the rescue and a competition!

  1. I've tried several of the 9Bars and all are delicious but looking forward to trying the breakfast bars as I've not had those yet

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