Appleyard Flowers Delivery

felt very spoilt when this gorgeous bouquet arrived for me to review. The quality of the flowers were exceptional
and the reason I can say that is because this poor bouquet had been sat waiting
in my post office for five days whilst I tried to get through to the sorting
office on the phone (in the end I gave up and used the online service!). Yet it still had so much life in it and
looked beautiful, I really thought it would have wilted completely!

think only luxury flowers like
these would have survived such a long stint in a sorting office. They arrived so well packaged that must have
helped preserve them too. They make a
wonderful gift; it’s a real treat having fresh flowers in the house. The only problem with the bouquet itself was
my new puppy liked barking at it! I
think he was quite moved by the bouquet himself and wanted everyone to know
about it.

was sent them to celebrate Grandparents Day (which happened yesterday, the 5th
of October), but it took longer to review than I intended with my own delivery
issues! Next year I will be more
organised and make sure my Grandparents
Day Flowers go to plan. My mum enjoys
having fresh flowers in the house and I know a bouquet like I was sent would
case quite an impact and make her feel so loved and cherished.

Appleyard is probably a
little more expensive than I would normally spend but then the quality was outstanding,
the presentation well thought out and the flowers themselves beautifully
arranged in the box. I think for £39.99
all in all I am so pleased with my experience and would certainly use Appleyard
again when I need flowers to really impress!

can make an amazing saving at the moment and enter the code BLOG40 to received a very generous 40% off your bouquet
(except for the Flowers By Post range).

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