Braun Face Competition

It’s that time of year our skins need a bit of a boost,
winter means our skin is looking a bit dull! 
We are all feeling a bit sniffly and run down, so I thought a nice new
competition to cheer you all up was in order. 
This prize from Braun will be ideal to help with the cold weather; you
can exfoliate your skin back into tiptop condition. Especially if you’re eating
too much comfort food like me at this time of year and it’s giving you
breakouts, I am a chocolate eating monster!!!

the winner of this competition can look forward to a flawless complexion. One thing I always wish for but have yet to
achieve. I still now come up in spots,
but this handy cleansing brush cleans to the pores so your skin will be clearer
and fresher looking. I must be mad
giving it away to you guys and not hanging on to it myself! But I do like so much to share at this time
of year. So the lucky winner can enjoy
a two in one facial treatment in the comfort of their home. It is supposedly 6 x better than manual
cleaning so no wonder your skin looks so much better afterwards!

Braun Face in your life you might find you can ditch your regular concealer as
you do not need to hide imperfections, as you do not have them anymore. You can look very natural without makeup and
still be beautiful. I love the dual
function where you can also use it for facial epilation, getting rid of even
the finest hairs. A great way to
maintain eyebrows and upper lip hair so you’re always gorgeous!

Face is available to buy from Boots for £89.99 and comes with a handy beauty
pouch and a lightened mirror to make using the product a breeze. It’s even suitable for sensitive skin.

you would like to enter to win a Braun Face then please kindly fill out the
form below by the 6th of November. 
This is the perfect gift for anyone after some pampering this Christmas.

Braun Face

402 thoughts on “Braun Face Competition

  1. I would love to win this. I've seen them in Boots, but wasn't quite sure until I've just read your blog. Excellent description and information. Many thanks x

  2. I keep looking at all the different brands of these kinds of cleaners and really want one but I can't make my mind up wihch one to get. this one looks fab and I like all the little extra's. you are really good giving it away! x

  3. when your as wonderful person as you seem to be (obviously through reading on here) you shouldnt be worrying about your skin! im sure your skin isnt nearly as bad as you think it is! and id LOVE one of these, im a qualified beauty therapist but since having kids havnt done any of it so i need a kick up the bum and get myself back to fabulous!

  4. Ooh I would love to try this, I miss sleep every single night. I can't remember the last time I had a good night sleep and I feel so drained nearly ever single day.

  5. I need a bit of pampering -I feel washed out , my skin looks washed out and menapause has set in big time so down in the dumps,stressed and flushing , please treat me!!!

  6. I have a friend who has one of these and swears by it. I'm currently more of a 'oatmeal and veg oil homemade scrub' person because I'm cheap, but I must admit, this looks like it does a good job.

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