Creating a Garden Room

I have always craved patio doors, just because it’s a
lovely idea having a room opening straight out onto the garden. You can enjoy a breeze if its getting too
hot inside and you can easily keep an eye on the children as they play safely
under your watchful eye. But why stop
at patio doors when you can go that step further and create a garden room.

seen what offers I would be quite happy going the
whole hog and having an entire side of the house folding open! In the picture on their site they actually
seem to open fully and completely so you can walk freely into the garden and
back indoors again. You can find out how much uPVC bifold doors cost to see if it’s an option worth pursuing.

I love the choice of materials the
folding doors come in, but personally I would avoid timber at the moment seeing
as our house had an infestation of woodworm
when we moved in. Hubbie had to go
around the house in a special suit spraying the place with a special solution
to get rid of the pesky things so I am all about upvc for the low maintenance
side of things. Although reading this
article on the Telegraph
I think we might have got a little carried away, it seems that the special
treatment is more of a hard sell and the problem can go away on its own if a
house is heated and vented appropriately!

I want a beautiful
space for my family to enjoy that encourages them to appreciate the
outdoors. You want to keep the room
light and natural. I like the idea of adding
nature inspired wallpaper (like this one from B&Q) to bring the indoor and outdoors space together, it
comes across as quite tranquil and peaceful.

or cane furniture can be used indoors then spill outdoors when needed. Perfect for entertaining!

I think I might create a mood board and
entice hubbie with my plan!

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