Desperate to escape to the snow

Life with a new puppy is tough, I didn’t expect it almost
to be as hard as another child! The
little scamp is peeing and pooing everywhere whilst we try and establish toilet
training and she likes eating everything with her tiny razor-sharp teeth. My raincoat is now minus a zip, the boys
have lots of socks with holes in and my parents dinning table has a few bite
marks in it. I feel like getting away for
a break and getting a friend to mind her, till she calms down a bit…

quite fancy a skiing holiday I guess it’s the time of year; you want to be
surrounded in snow and think of Christmas. 
Kuhtai looks quite appealing; it’s the highest resort in Austria so your
placed very conveniently for skiing straight from your accommodation. The scenery looks beautiful, a real change
from where we live as we very rarely have snow. The boys look disappointed every year as the sledges I bought them
are still yet to be used instead they are just collecting dust and the boys are fed up of pretend skiing too now!

you find an area you love it seems silly to keep booking holiday accommodation
when you can find property for sale in
Austria Kuhtai instead and return year after year. I think its good having a permanent base you can keep
coming back too especially one that seems to guarantee snow. Then you can always rent it out when you’re
not using it for yourself or your family!

is most suited for advanced skiers so great if you love the thrill of a
challenge. But you do need to give
yourself time to get used to the altitude change with it being so high. The NHS
has tips to ensure you do this safely; otherwise you risk headaches and nausea,
which tend to ruin the holiday feeling and spoil your fun as a family.

Kristall Spaces looks
like it sells really appealing ski chalets, I must admit if I am heading off to
the snow I need my home comforts too! I
want to be able to head back indoors for a warming drink and a quick defrost as
and when I need too. I have been
keeping an eye on all the ski
so I sound like a pro when I finally head to the slopes. I will know which are the most comfortable
ski boots, the most challenging chutes and where to head for a crash course in
skiing (I so need this!!!).

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