EARTH TO ECHO Review and Competition

My boys were literally sat on the edge of their seats
watching this film. At first I thought
perhaps they were a little nervous but it was because they were completely
gripped! It’s a PG and some of the
camera angles can make you feel a bit jumpy, but it’s a great film about
friendship and working together so the boys were content to watch it to the

Plus Echo is a big highlight of course, both my boys
wanted to find their own mysterious being after watching the film. Although eldest was adamant he did not want
to sneak around in the dark on a big adventure to do it, he wants to find him
whole in our house instead! He is quite
happy to see other people do the hard work, breaking into a house, causing
chaos in a pawn shop and being spooked in a barn!

You can have a look at the trailer below to whet your appetite before the DVD/Blu-Ray release.

I like the messages behind the film; it’s like a modern
day ET but with lots of emphasis on smart phones and no flying bikes! Although it has some fantastic special
effects of its own, like trucks dismantling and reconstructing in lots of
little pieces… I do not want to give away much more! Just enough to say my two were completely hooked and asked to
watch the film the very next day.

is released on the 17th of November so it would make a fabulous stocking filler
for Christmas, assuming you can hang on that long! I think its perfect for a family film night as it has wide
appeal. My two are five and seven but
it would suit children much older too, because its so action packed as the trio
try and evade the “construction workers” (government officials!) and save the
charming little alien.

can pre-order the film here for Β£10.

you would like to win one of three copies on DVD then kindly fill out the form below
by the 25th of November.

Earth to Echo DVD (3 winners)

188 thoughts on “EARTH TO ECHO Review and Competition

  1. It looks like a great fill, if its anything like ET everybody will love it. Am just a big kid at heart, love watching film like these. x x

  2. Was going to pre order this for Christmas. ..would be great to win. Can be difficult to find a movie that appeals to children of different ages and keeps mum and dad entertained too. Thank you.

  3. looks good for all the family think my youngest would like it especially as she loves everything space related x

  4. I'd love to win as we find that Autumn and Winter (when the weather is dark, damp and dreary) provides a great opportunity to close the curtains early and snuggle on the sofa with a dvd – and trying a new highly rated film is even better.

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  5. My girls love a movie night, and they are always more fun with films none of us has seen! This would be a firm favorite purely cause the cute little thing on the front!!

  6. I haven't seen the film, and I like the themes of friendship and teamwork :- Something which I believe we should be encouraging.

    Rachel Craig

  7. We always have four halves of two blended families come visiting over Christmas and this would be perfect for the kids in the afternoons , plus to be honest , as a big kid myself I would love it too.

  8. I would love to win this so we all have something to watch as we cuddle up on the sofa over Christmas. I find the television channels seem to put kiddies movies on so late in the day nowadays.

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