Financial dinosaurs a thing of the past

amazing since the magical days of the Internet how much information you can
find out for yourselves. At our
fingertips is a plethora of knowledge waiting to be absorbed! You do not need to leave the comfort of your
home and head off to some stuffy office to meet an old school financial advisor
you can do some useful groundwork on your own! 
So I can see why these particular characters are fading into the
background and possible extinction…

Products are not as complicated as they used to be and
thankfully people are more familiar with financial lingo generally if not one
quick search on Google and you are quickly educated. People cope better in simple terms; we do not need an acronym for

video did make me giggle; financial advisors of the past were trained in the
use of LONG words and had an uncanny
ability to generate a complicated spreadsheet at the drop of a hat. Let’s not forget the all-important
briefcase, filled with no less than half a rainforest of complex paperwork that
needed far too much brainpower to understand. 
It soon became evident navigating the financial world was difficult and
mind numbing!

this managed to do was put people off, Beagle Street produced the video after
research showed that 55% of adults do not have life insurance. Fortunately I am not one of that statistic
as both hubbie and I realise the importance of life insurance to support our
fledgling family. It’s not nice
thinking about the bigger issues, death can be somewhat of a gloomy subject,
but I would never let a dinosaur advisor put me off I would do my own research
and look for a firm that offers adequate cover for when my boys would need it
most but in a friendly and straightforward way.

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