Furnishing my son’s bedroom

boys are not entirely used to sharing a room, but because of circumstances they
have been since we moved into the new house. 
It’s not ideal by any means, of an evening the youngest is over tired
and grumpy but we cannot get him to settle until he sees his brother in the bed
next to him! Then of a morning one or
the other will wake exceptionally early and disturb the deep sleeper next to
them, so neither of them are getting adequate sleep.

am desperate to get hubbie cracking with the next bedroom so we can get back
into a proper routine again. It’s going
to be a fair bit of work, but whilst he does the manual labour I will do the
online shopping for the nice bits to finish the room off!

He can get covered in the nasty lath and
plaster horsehair like the last ceiling that came down and I can take credit
when the room looks beautiful with lovely furniture… the new radiator sticks out like a sore thumb!

as they have had each other for company they might need to adjust to being
apart all over again. They might miss
each other a tiny bit, in between all the early awakenings and
quarrelling. I will get youngest a
night-light to feel more settled of an evening. It would be hard to feel frightened with a cute friendly dinosaur
glowing softly beside your bed; this one from Baby
Dino.com is adorable.

all in the details when completing a room, so I like looking at accessories to
finish it off. He has had to wait so
long for his own space, he is very aware he is only sharing until his room is
ready and I think he wants a more permanent solution so he can spread out his
own toys and not get lectured by his brother! 

are already using a portable blackout
blind just like this one from Baby Dino.com, we have yet to measure up for
curtains and blinds in all the new rooms. 
It’s a great temporary solution although for ease I would like to have a
proper blind eventually! All in its own
time I should say to myself, as my mum keeps reminding me we had a five-year
plan to get sorted in the house, I might feel better if everything had a proper

think the Silver Cross Porterhouse Wardrobe would help us store the rest of his
unboxed bits and bobs that are spilling out all over the house. It would be fabulous to finally give the
boys their own space to enjoy their separate interests. Eldest likes reading and playing Pokémon on
his 3DS and youngest likes emptying drawers and making “inventions” with the

you see if making wish lists is all I can do for now at least I can imagine how
the house will finally look when its returned to its former glory.

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