Getting into the Christmas Spirit

was so happy to be sent a box of Christmas decorations from The Christmas Boutique. It fits in well with our Christmas
tradition; we always like to buy a new decoration for the tree every year and
this delivery had plenty of choice for us to continue doing that!

can be tricky coming up with another original idea to decorate the tree but how
adorable are the felt penguins (RRP £9.99). 
I am getting excited to bring out the Christmas tree and make the most
of these fabulous offerings from The Christmas Boutique. Although I think hubbie would grumble at me
if I did it too early…

then we improvised with the next best thing and eldest had to pretend to be the
tree so we could decorate him with the gorgeous white snowflakes (RRP £12.99) and the Wooden Penguin Christmas Tree Decorations (RRP £7.99).

They really create quite an impact, I think
The Christmas Boutique are about having a stylish but memorable time. If your expecting company over the holiday
season and want your decorations to capture the attention of your guests you
cannot go wrong here. I have spotted lots more items I would love
to own, so hubbie better prepare himself for one of my shopping spree’s!

us having a bigger house we have more scope to decorate. The boys want to start a new tradition of
having their own Christmas tree in their playroom and decorating it themselves.
Luckily with so many lovely decorations
available at The Christmas Boutique you can readily replenish Christmas cheer
in one easy to make order.

great aspect of the tree decorations is they are big enough to create a freestanding
display; the boys had great fun setting up the felt penguins with the wooden
snow sleighs and ski’s.

This year will be the
first year we try a real tree and I know that the decorations from The
Christmas Boutique will really compliment the feel of a homely Christmas this

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