Getting My Life Organised: Journl Review

It’s hard remembering everything; since I have become a
parent my mind seems more muddled than normal. 
There is just so much to try and juggle that unless you write something
down or do it immediately there is a good chance you will completely

Children mean that you have more than usual to
organise. Their little lives are full
of important dates, activities and items to remember to take to various
places. I need help to manage; my poor
brain cannot keep up. It’s tough work
juggling it all.

Journl have come up with the perfect solution
so you never forget anything again. I
have already been busy populating my to do list, so that from now on everything
I need to do will go to plan! No last
minute panicking that I have forgotten to do something vital. So far this week I forgot to give the poor
puppy one of her worming doses and ring the council about an employment matter,
if I had started using Journl earlier I might have avoided overlooking those

offered me a chance to trial their app for a year and head out on a family day
out. I was keen to take them up on
their opportunity as my friends consider me a bit of a bubblehead, very ditsy! I want to prove to everyone I can reform and
be as methodical as they are. There is
a calendar so you can add dates when tasks need to be completed and generally get everything in order!

headed to a farm with the boys and their friend to put Journl to the test. We needed to remember coats for rain, warm
layers to stay cosy now the weather is turning and drinks and snacks for

Thankfully on Journl you can
create to do lists to tick off to make sure you bring everything. There is enough to remember for one little
day out, for a family holiday lists like this would be even more useful. For once it was lovely arriving at our destination with everything we needed!!!

think new parents might benefit from a subscription to Journl along with all
the other more usual baby gifts. Life
adapting to meeting the needs of additional family members can be challenging. Journl can help remind you to make those
health visitor appointments, add items to your shopping list (how many times
have you run out of nappies or baby wipes when you need them most!?!) and any
other important tasks (like registering the birth/setting up a first savings
account), ticking off items when they are completed is such a sense of
satisfaction too! Hooray for Journl us
sleep deprived parents can finally get a handle on everything…

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