GoGlow The Monster Buster

like reassurance at night and I find a night-light really helps. With it being Halloween this month some
children might need more comfort than usual as it’s all about the monsters and
spooks round about now! So I was quite
pleased to be sent the Turtles
GoGlow Night Bright Light (£19.99) to help banish those fears and let my youngest
sleep more contentedly in October and the months ahead.

are drawing in, it’s darker for longer so it’s easy for their imaginations to
get the better of them. But youngest
has actually been keen for darkness to come so he can try out his lovely new
night light from GoGlow. He even packed
it on his sleepover to his grandparents, he was eager to show them, its
exciting having a night light that can also double as a torch!

is a useful feature having the ability to convert it into a torch if your child
needs to get up in the night and go to the toilet they can safely see the
way. Also if they want to feel consoled
in the night they can point the torch around the room and see it’s perfectly
safe with nothing to worry about and hopefully go back to sleep nicely.

placed on its little stand it returns to being a night-light, the light after
two minutes begins to fade. I like this
idea if it continued to be bright your child might not settle, but they drift
off as the glow ebbs. It’s great it comes with a rechargeable battery, so you will never panic about batteries running out leaving your little ones minus their comforting light.

conducted a survey to learn more about children’s nighttime habits. Of the 1,000 parents surveyed seven in ten
parents need their parents to walk around the room to prove there is nothing to
concern them and three quarters of children get out of bed to be soothed by
their parents. My two seem to do this
quite regularly so I am hoping the Turtles night light will make all the difference. So far it’s worked well and hubbie and I are
finally getting some undisturbed sleep!

Explore the full GoGlow® range at: www.worldsapart.com

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