Heat Holders Review and Competition

I definitely feel the cold; the drop in temperature lately
has had me quickly reaching for extra layers. 
Unfortunately our central heating is not sorted yet so we have to rely
on other measures to get toasty. 
Thankfully I was sent a Snugover from Heat
Holders, since this arrived I have not wanted to take it off! I already love the Heat Holders socks and
they help me survive winter but the Snugover is my new favourite product of

loungewear for indoors but I must admit I have been wearing it outdoors for the
mad dashes to get the puppy used to toileting outside! It’s so warm and comfortable with a 1.4 tog
rating I think I will be sad when I have to wash it and wait to wear it
again! I will have to buy a spare just
for washing days so I never go without my Snugover again.

is very envious of it, it’s so soft to touch everyone wanted to give me cuddles
just to get close to the Snugover! I
think I will have to order one for hubbie before he sulks too much; they are
very reasonable for Β£25 as they might save us cracking up the radiators of an
evening and spending more on heating (when our radiators are finally sorted
that is!).

love how you can tighten the top and button of the Snugover so you keep all the
heat cosily wrapped around you! I am so
much happier when I am warm and Heat Holders products make the winter months
more bearable. My boys are already
developing a similar love for Heat Holders having been sent a pair of the Children’s socks. They have enjoyed wearing them in the house
to keep their feet all snug. They took
them off when they went to bed and left them next to their beds so they could
put them straight on the next morning! 
They are long so you can wear them with Wellingtons but the boys seem to
consider them their in house defrost their feet socks!

a 2.3 tog rating the boys will certainly feel warmer this winter. For Β£5 a pair it’s worth investing in a few
sets so the boys stay comfortable. If
you get cold your more prone to catching illnesses, so I am all for stocking up
on Heat Holders products instead…

I have been offered three ladies Snugovers to giveaway (they come in black, navy and purple), if you would like to enter to win one please kindly complete the form below by the 26th of October.

Heat Holders Snugover (3 winners)

231 thoughts on “Heat Holders Review and Competition

  1. tee shirt, rugby shirt, topped with a hoodie and woolly socks on my feet during the day and a hot water bottle at night.

  2. plenty of layers and keeping active helps. Sitting watching tv can be chilly so I find arranging the dogs in strategic positions helps – one on feet, one either side of me!

  3. We live in a 250 year old cottge and I'm always cold. In the winter, we light the file and use the precious oil for the radiators, plus I wrap a scarf around my neck!

  4. During the daytime thick socks (sometimes heat holders), boot type slippers, cardi/jumper that the mother in law knitted me. I also have the heating on if my hands and legs are in pain with the cold, and sometimes wear my finger less gloves. On a night I have a fleecy dressing gown which is very warm and some fleecy boot type slippers

  5. I have a thin raw silk scarf which I wear in the house to take the chill off my neck, which helps retain body heat, plus lots of layers & slippers.

  6. Layers – we're on a low income so its two t-shirts and a jumper or sweatshirt before the heating goes on πŸ˜€ Gleam entries are in my real name NIKKI HAYES

  7. PJ's as soon as my boy is in bed, onesie, and a snuggle on the sofa. Im always cold and hubby always warm so this would solve our problems

  8. hot water bottle in fluffy cover, warm socks, fleece tops and a duvet and blanket on sofa… plus 2 large dogs on my feet πŸ™‚ we dont have heating in our house. plenty of hot chocolate and warm food to warm us from the inside too

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