Lite Brix Review

is the first time we have encountered Lite Brix and I must say we were all
quite impressed. Construction is more
fun when you can light it up afterwards. 
It is more of a novelty than your regular construction bricks and kept
the boys entertained for longer. The range includes racing cars, a helicopter and
lots of lite up figures.

was quite exciting being sent the Lite
Wars Slayer Jet V’s Capt. Bolt’s Bunker so we could see how it all worked and
realise what we have been missing. The
container holding the batteries is incorporated into the build project and it’s
not really that noticeable under the jet. 
The light element would look great of an evening when its all dark but
even in the day its quite bright.

the figures had a little light too which you can turn on and off. It certainly made them more
interesting. Youngest was asking the
figure questions about his spaceship and he would answer yes by him turning on
his light! I love seeing their
imaginations in overdrive coming up with ideas.

eldest at 7 had no trouble following the instructions to build the jet and the
little bunker. It is quite self-explanatory
but the end result looks pretty impressive, so eldest felt proud he built it.

is a set aimed at children 6+ and certainly appealed to my two boys. I think this might just be the start of a
whole new collection in our house. We
are now converted to Lite Brix!

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