McCain Chips For Tea

was sent some vouchers to sample McCain products with my family. To be honest we already buy a few of these
products quite regularly but any excuse to sample some more!!! I would love to say we prepare everything
from scratch but it would be a big fat lie! 
Products that McCain offer are very convenient for busy households like

after doing a little relief at the school canteen I have realised how tiresome
chopping up potatoes into chip shapes actually is, I did it for what felt like
hours (and most likely was!), I had enough to feed 100 children anyway so you
kind of get the picture! Much easier to
open packet, shake out some frozen chips onto baking try and then briefly put
your feet up whilst they quickly cook…

are made with 100% British potatoes, so you’re helping support a proud British
brand with great relationships with generations of lovely farmers (being Welsh I too have a thing for farmers!). McCain have been around for years helping
satisfy hungry tummies with tasty teatimes. 
It’s amazing how affordable the products are too; this little lot here would
have only set me back £5, so I had more vouchers to spare.

threw in the free individual jacket potato with the big bag of chips too, so a
welcome bonus! Another great way to
introduce you to more fabulous McCain products when you’re buying one you love

micro Chips saved the day today, boys were getting grumpy as we were late home
for dinner. But a quick ping in the
microwave and they had something hot to eat. 
It’s cold its dark, I find my mojo has gone I need simple to cook
dinners and fortunately McCain potato products make life that bit easier!

can find out more about McCain from their website.

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