More Smiggle Fun

was sent another fabulous Smiggle
delivery and youngest was thrilled with the Colour Pop Backpack especially, he
quickly claimed it as his and has been carrying all his favourite items in
since. He was excited to take it to
school today too; the design is appealing with a gaming theme. It is a good size so can hold plenty and has
the useful side pockets to hold a drinks container. For £26.00 I am impressed with the quality for the price and have
a feeling Smiggle will be where I head first from now on for new school
bags. Eldest is certainly less keen on
his old bag now he wants a Smiggle bag like his brother.

attention was also captured by the giant pencil complete with a pencil
sharpener on the end! It was a novelty
having such a big pencil. He wanted to
take it into school to show off to all his friends.

hardtop pencil case (£11.50) is handy; he actually managed to squeeze his 3DS
in there so it can be transported safely. 
Then other times he can use it to fill with stationary so great dual
purpose really!

have a fantastic range of water bottles; you can make such a saving buying a
water bottle and refilling it with juice or water instead of buying expensive
drinks. The Safari Classic bottles are
BPA free so much better all round for your children, BPA is a chemical linked to a range of health problems so avoiding it wherever possible is a sensible idea!

time I look on the Smiggle website I just see more and more products I need in
my life… I really like these scented
pencils, they would make colouring in so more fun! Especially cookie and chocolate I think I would spend most of my day smelling the delightful long lasting scents.

Stationary this interesting and quirky
deserves pride and place in lots of stockings this Christmas. Children enjoy being surprised by the
contents, you want items that are that bit different and Smiggle never fails to
deliver in that respect.

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