My First Car: Little Red

The staff at The Car
Buying Service have written about those memorable first car experiences, so I thought it might be fun to reflect on my own first
car experience. Technically it is my first car but I hardly drove it,
I passed my driving test eight years ago but I was still building my
confidence, as the boys seemed to take all my time and energy and I had none
left for anything else. Now they are at
full time school I have more freedom and an urge to get behind the wheel
properly once and for all.

thought for a while we would never have a car, we lived pretty much hand to
mouth with hubbie on a part time wage. 
If we needed to go anywhere we would borrow my parents car which was not
always convenient. But one day we had a
chance to buy hubbie’s step dad’s old car, a Nissan Micra, in monthly installments.

car was special to us as we suddenly had the freedom to go off on family
adventures without having to first check my mum’s car was free and available
for us to borrow. It was fabulous just
having a car on our doorstep to use whenever we needed, if the weather was bad
we could always get to our destination dry and comfortable instead of sopping
wet having had to hike to my mum’s first to collect her car! Plus youngest loved helping keep it clean.

might have only been a small car but we had many fond memories from our
journeys. It used to be hilarious
seeing us pack for a holiday, the foot wells, the boot and any other available space
would be crammed with our luggage. It
was always a squeeze, but little red as she was fondly called was still much
loved. Hubbie always thought it was
funny when he managed to overtake the occasionally fancy powerful cars
(Lamborghini and Ferrari) in such a tiny car!

And I cannot forget the time a monkey wiped his
bottom on our back window during our Knowsley Safari Park car ride!

your first car can be a daunting experience, there are just so many to pick
from or you might be like us and just grateful for the chance to get any first
car! Fortunately we bought from family
so we knew the history of the Micra, when you buy a used car you really do need
to do your homework and make sure what your buying is not going to fall apart
as soon as you arrive home! Although a
used car might work out cheaper in the long run as new cars depreciate at a
scary rateā€¦

if you have a budget do your best to stick to it, negotiate with the sales
person, often there is some leeway with the sale price. We traded in little red for our new car so
it helped bring down the cost of our deposit and saved the hassle of trying to
figure out how to go about selling her. 
I see lots of cars listed on facebook so I guess that’s one avenue if I
did have to sell a car in future, that or the local paper seem a popular
choice too.

You never forget your first car!

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