Philips Monstergraphic & Mickey Mouse SoftPal Competition

have very active imaginations; I was looking at some interesting research by
Philips and what they found out about “monsters”. My eldest thinks monsters live on Mars, they only come out to
visit you on special days like your birthday to celebrate with you! Which sounds quite positive really but he
still has his moments when he is a bit unsure at night.

learnt more about the characteristics of monsters, what they look like and how
many are in each household! If we are
like the average (2.51) we will have more monsters than children in our
family. It’s a fascinating thought! Mind you I think it would be hard pushed
squeezing one monster under their bed, it’s so full of books, dust bunnies and
soft toys! Perhaps its because one of
the top monster superpowers is doing the chores, so they can have a quick tidy
before they settle down for the night.

a monstergraphic like this makes monsters look quite approachable, one in three
are fluffy and fluffy monsters do not seem quite so scary somehow. One child imagined up a 23-limbed monster,
eldest went for four arms and seven legs when I asked him. I suppose its good to get talking about
monsters, you can learn more about what your child thinks and reassure them

with all this going on in their little heads it’s important to take efforts to
soothe and comfort them at night, fortunately Philips have a range of night
lights just for that purpose. There is
nothing like banishing imaginary monsters than a burst of light, the boys
currently have no less than four night-lights in their one room and still
showing signs of wanting a couple more! 
It might look like the Blackpool illuminations by the time they have

have been offered an adorable Mickey Mouse SoftPal to giveaway.

you would like to enter to win this cuddly companion please fill out the form
below by the 19th of November.
Mickey Mouse SoftPal

218 thoughts on “Philips Monstergraphic & Mickey Mouse SoftPal Competition

  1. My youngest daughter recently drew a monster which resembled Captain Caveman (a cartoon character from my younger years!) She thinks all monsters have long shaggy fur and great big feet!!

  2. Josh is quite young so he can't talk to us yet but he does love dinosaurs and he loves watching monsters inc, I think if you could mix the green circle dude with the big eye and a dinosaur that would be his monster!

  3. My youngest would imagine all monsters like Sully. My middle child has a very overactive imagination so would have a million eyes, 100 fingers, 10 legs and 50 arms knowing him. My oldest would be something off something he watched or something he played, ghosts or army style things

  4. Mine is convinced that all the monsters look like characters from Monsters Inc and they take it in turns to visit different children – you never get the same monster – so every night has the potential for a scary monster πŸ™

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  5. always seems to be sea monsters these days my youngest won't set foot in the sea in the summer ….can't complain neither will i lol

  6. if it was up to my little girl, it would be VERY pink and VERY glittery…… if it was up to my little boy, it would be VERY green and VERY scary !

  7. My kids have been lucky in that they have never mentioned monsters or wanted to create one. I would imagine they'd make it look like the Gruffalo though as we do read that book a lot.

  8. My daughter had a monster under her bed… it was a shadow from what ever as street light beamed through the curtains.. I had to get a dustpan and brush scoop him in dustpan and open the bedroom window to get rid of it….. she was fine after that and she got in bed with me haha 18 years ago πŸ™‚

  9. The only monsters I think my daughter knows about are those 'monster high' dolls so she probably
    imagines them to look like them…long hair, long eyelashes…not that scary!

  10. monsters can look like anything, from a fluffy cat that transforms into a evil monster, or even his little sister who was a monster from when she was first born!!!!

  11. My daughter doesn't have a scary monster, though she loves monsters inc so probably thinks they are all nice like Mike

  12. probably would not have ears or legs just a big smile big eyes and long arms- it seems to be the norm with pictures at the moment

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