Playmobil Advent Calendar: Christmas Countdown

It’s a little too early for the official countdown to
Christmas but I thought I would let the boys start sooner and open their
Playmobil Advent Calendar in October! 
Well its only fair for you guys to what the doors eventually unlock, if
your thinking of getting one for your own children that is!

advent calendars are great, I like that the boys start each day with something
Playmobil related rather than chocolate. 
Plus the contents in their entirety build a scene with lots of
playability. The boys very fairly took
it in turns opening a door each at a time to see what would be unveiled. There was a sense of excitement wondering
what they would find next.

£18.99 they offer excellent value, we had the Advent Calendar Dragon’s Treasure Battle as you get three figures, a horse and a dragon,
alongside lots of other little accessories for some dramatic battles. The boys especially liked filling the
treasure chest with gold coins, they are teeny tiny but my boys are old enough
now to play sensibly with a set like this.

helmets and shield and all the weapons can make for an exhilarating action
adventure fending off the dragon intent on getting his claws on the treasure. Also included was a card game, so plenty to
keep your children happily occupied for ages!

can see all the advent calendars on the Playmobil
website. They seem to add new ones
routinely, so you will always be able to increase your collection with the
latest scene quite easily. The
Christmas themed one caught my eye; I love the build up to Christmas day so
opening boxes with cute elves and a sweet angel and of course Father Christmas
himself certainly would get you into the spirit of things.

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