Puppy Proofing Our House

Our floorboards are bare
in over three quarters off the house; it was not such an issue until we got the
puppy! Now we are in the midsts of
toilet training any cracks in the floorboards are far from ideal! I need to be quick before any wee seeps
through. I need laminate everywhere so
we can wipe clean any little spillages…

house is very much a work in process still. 
Some days I despair why we ever took on such a big project. Every room needs some kind of update or
complete overhaul. It can be tough
living day to day in a renovation. Part
of me wishes we could fast forward to see the finished house, but then we would
miss out on our “interesting” DIY journey!

have been buying our laminate from a local store but it’s probably not the most
economical way of doing things. I think
searching online you usually get the better deals. I need to buy in considerable bulk to give our project a bit of a
nudge. I want to see a few more rooms
done soon before the puppy causes too much trouble! The Engineered
Wood Flooring option looks lovely, as attractive as solid wood but much more
cost effective.

have even had to dig out our old safety gate from the boys so we can stop the
puppy having free access to the entire house. 
She needs her own little area, so her destruction options are
limited! At the moment her little sharp
teeth want to chew everything…

the puppy will be hubbie’s catalyst to start laying the flooring again. We seem to have come to a standstill at the
moment and I would love for our project to start progressing again. Youngest is keen to have his bedroom sorted now;
the novelty of sharing with his brother might just be wearing thin! Although the puppy is worth it one look into her adorable eyes and you could forgive anything…

A new puppy can be quite demanding, but the cuddles and sloppy licks to the face make it worth it! She has moments of attitude just like the boys but seeing her waging tail in the morning never fails to make me smile. Although I will be pleased when the little scamp has mastered toilet training and the whiff of puppy mess leaves the house…

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