Scooby Doo Phantom Flyer Review

toy from Character
Online generated a lot of excitement between the boys and their visiting

It’s lots of fun seeing Scooby
Doo take to the skies in his very own hot air balloon. We had a few emergency crash landings and
the toy thankfully survived – at worst Scooby Doo would fall out. It’s not a whole Scooby Doo just part of
him. I think it would have been nice to
have a proper figure for separate play but the flying balloon creates ample
interest really that its not such an issue.

your looking for a toy this Christmas to make an impact this could be it. The idea is you keep the balloon just above
your hand but youngest just let it fly randomly around the room. I did see it work at times quite effectively
though when it was going just above the floor level, briefly it did float along
nicely. But the main attraction for the
boys was seeing it out of control, flying crazily around the room.

It comes with a little charging stand, it does need
regular re-charging but its no surprise given the sheer burst of energy the
balloon displays flying at speed unpredictably around the boys playroom. For me it was a relief to have a moments
break whilst we put it back on charge!!!

two love Scooby Doo, they get quite into the episodes on television, so this
toy would certainly appeal to fans of the show. But because its quite thrill seeking it will meet the approval of
many a child 5+, it certainly had a warm welcome in our household. Plus £19.99 isn’t too much to pay for this kind of entertainment.

am just impressed its still intact, given how many walls, ceilings and floors
its smashed into. So even thought the
structure itself does not look that strong its actually very well made. My
boys keep returning to this toy, so I would say its ideal for repeated play –
the magic of flight has not worn off yet!

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