Shloer and OK! Magazine Competition

There is nothing like sitting down with a refreshing drink
after a long tough day! I was very
pleased to have a box of three bottles of Shloer arrive in time for an evening
watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. I got
drenched on the school run, the poor plumber was having issues with our heating
(cue lots of flooding from radiators!) and the puppy has decided to be
exceptionally chewy today! I think she
thought my poor arm was her new teething toy…

was in desperate need of something to cheer me up, so I happily cracked open
the red grape and soon lost myself in the lovely drink. I like that you get the feeling of a
sophisticated drink but without any alcohol. 
As most of my friends know I am by no means a big drinker, when I have
the occasional glass of wine it’s highly diluted with lemonade! I am more than happy to swap to Shloer, I
will be glad not to have a headache the next day anyway.

boys are eager to get stuck into testing too, seeing as its so delicious I
might have to work my way through a few glasses tonight as once the boys get
started I might not get a chance to drink anymore!

There has never been a better time to buy Shloer, at the moment you can claim a free copy of OK! magazine when your purchase one of their promotional bottles of sparkling juice drink. It’s a great match, you can then spend some indulgent time flicking through all the celebrity gossip sipping your new favourite drink! To claim your magazine you simply enter the promotional code and details on their website.

To coincide with this Shloer
have kindly offered me the opportunity to giveaway a year’s subscription to OK!
magazine and two bottles of Shloer to enjoy whilst reading it. If you would like to enter please complete the form below by the 29th of October.

Shloer OK! Magazine Giveaway

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