Summer’s Over. The Fun’s Not.

Cast your mind back to the summer. I know, I know… it almost seems like forever ago now, especially when you look out the window and all you can see is rain! You might remember a post about travel, which was pretty geared towards summer, because, after all, that’s when a lot of people go away. But what if you didn’t quite make it on any trips this year? Is all hope lost? Not at all. There are loads of trips you can take for some ‘winter sun’ or otherwise, just making sure you follow a few little bits of advice.

Don’t Pull The Kids From School

I know, I know. The temptation is there – of course it is – to make the most of the best deals, which typically fall during term time. If you’re on a budget, it can seem like the only opportunity you have to take the kids away. Sadly, however, schools are really starting to punish parents who take the kids out, and fine them extortionate amounts which will only make your money worries worse. Unless you can prove you have exceptional circumstances at the discretion of your head teacher, it’s probably best to keep the kids in class for the good of their education.

Take Up A Winter Sport

Sun, sea and surf may well sound lovely, but there are other options in the winter months, such as skiing or even snowboarding. You can take lessons as a family, just simply mess around, or if you’re seasoned pros, you can show off to your heart’s content. The added bonus with these types of holiday is that once the excitement calms down, you can all cuddle up around the fire later. There are loads of brilliant package deals, just as there would be in summer, and you’re still protected by the same laws regardless of how action packed your trip may be. Solicitors Taylor Rose say that if the trip operator messes up or puts you in harm’s way, you’re not to blame. Good news when you’re here there and everywhere, then!

Consider Trips Closer To Home

You might not be able to get very far on the weekends, or even in the short half term break, but there are a ridiculous amount of awesome places that you can go to within a stone’s throw away. London is always a clear choice, as there’s history, culture, shopping and fun all rolled into one – but of course, it can be pricey! But the The Natural History Museum is free.

Northern Ireland has such a beautiful landscape, and it’s often ignored. Legends of the North run some amazing tours to keep your family entertained, too, whether they want to learn about the Titanic or even (for the grown-ups, obviously!), the hit show Game of Thrones.

Have fun!

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