Time to entertain guests

finally have a proper dining room! In
our old house the dining room became the boys playroom, so instead of an
imposing dinner table it was stuffed to the brim with an assortment of toys. We used to eat in the kitchen around a small
(ish) table especially if the boys both had playdates over for tea, it would
mean lugging in the garden chairs just to accommodate everyone.

have illusions of grandeur but no budget to match, so I have been looking on George
Home Dining Room pages for ideas that I can afford. My eldest son keeps grumbling he does not
like our new house as much as his grandparents because its largely unfinished
and unfurnished!

want a room we can finally entertain, hubbie can be quite antisocial so it
would do him good to have friends over. 
But I will be buying that bigger table to seat everyone and I love the
table drawer in this one for a bit of extra storage, I can always hide the boys toys in
there when they try and play instead of eat their dinner! I think its pretty good value for £895 seeing as the six chairs are included. I have been in some shops where you would be lucky to get change out of £3k!

Our dinnerware is looking a little worse for wear! We have a mismatch of different plates, bowls and cups. Nothing co-ordinates and we own all of five plates total, so if we are feeding more we have to get creative! These Moda ones are ultra modern, I do not want our dinning room to be overrun with colours, I want it simply elegant.

I want nights at mine to be remembered so I have to stock up in some memorable wine glasses! I think the zebra print is fabulous. With some of my wild friends it would suit them completely!

I want invest in some coasters, not only are they practical they can look gorgeous like these heart slate ones. Then hopefully the boys will keep their drinks on coasters and I will not have any fetching ring marks everywhere…

I am not one for drunken nights out as such anymore, I like quiet evenings in with good company and a nice meal. Fingers crossed we can finally have that, as long as our new puppy does not chew up all the new furniture!

One thought on “Time to entertain guests

  1. Nice work. Amazing when you get that bit of space back, isn't it? We entertained at the kitchen table for years – using 'rustic' earthenware crockery and woven baskets for bread and so on to try and make it look as if we wanted to entertain in the kitchen, like it was a chosen style thing!

    Your new dining room looks very swish and much more expensive than you paid for it.

    I hope you have many happy dinners, accompanied by good wine, sparkling conversation and laughter. And maybe now, hubbie will come out of his anti-social shell, too. 🙂

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