Toyzworld Scooter Giveaway

I am very pleased to team up with
Toyzworld to giveaway one of their stunt scooters. Children love scooting around here at this time of year; wrapped
up warm it’s a great form of exercise and an easier way to get them from A to B
without dawdling in the cold! The
school run becomes that much more straightforward if you offer them suitable
transportation rather than expect then to walk any distance grumbling along as
they go!!! Well that’s my experience
anyway! The only thing I could possibly
do with is my own scooter to actually keep up with them.

The stunt
scooter (pictured) in this competition is on offer at the moment
reduced from £79.95 to £39.95. At the
moment mine do not try any fancy stunts but the time will come that they want a
scooter capable of doing more impressive tricks! I love the bright colours, the yellow and red works well and the
green handlebars are a bit quirky!

Reading the reviews it sounds a
sturdy scooter, which is want you need when you have children attempting
stunts. You want to know the scooter is
up to the challenge and will last your child a considerable time. The scooter takes a maximum weight of 100KG
(15 stones) so even the adults could have a go. We could be a family of scooters, always arriving at our
destination on time.

The ABEC 9 bearings ensure you have adequate speed
when scooting and the aluminium quick-stop brake gives you the ability
to stop quickly when you need too! The
deck is coated with the best grip-tape so stunts are easier to manage. All in all this is quite a versatile quality
scooter for a bargain price.

If you would love to win this scooter then kindly fill
out the form below by the 17th of November. If you win it might be one of the big items
you can cross of the Christmas list!

Toyzworld Scooter

251 thoughts on “Toyzworld Scooter Giveaway

  1. I cycled past the local primary school just as someone, a father I assume, made a quick glance around him then made a running jump onto a very small scooter. Made me smile

  2. this would be perfect for my son and the colors are nice and bright perfect to make him stand out by roads etc

  3. Would love this scooter for my grandson. The bright colours and design are so different and he would love this.! Elaine Clark

  4. Fantastic prize. My Grandson would love it and so would his Mum as the school run would take a lot less time on one of these ( He is a real dawdler bless him)

  5. This is very cute! i love the colours, and my brother would love teaching my girls tricks! he was a fantastic scooter-er a few years back, had companies that wanted to sponsor him etc but he went with rugby instead

  6. Hello. Hope you have a very merry Christmas and wonderful 2015. Thank you for running such a great comp at a time when this prize could make a child's Christmas.

  7. Can't see comment I'd posted so trying to see if it was an error or if there seen after being approved. Sorry!. Dxx

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