A Pig Board Game Delivery & Competition

was such a treat having a pink gift-wrapped bundle of games arrive from John Adams.

The PR was very thoughtful and included some
pig chocolates, wolfed down at speed by the boys and a pencil topper. The pig USB stick was promptly claimed by
hubbie, as he seems to like collecting different USB sticks, the more novel the
better! Once the package had been
thoroughly investigated we moved onto actually playing the games.

was a rainy day so these fun games were just the ticket to entertain the boys
when they were stuck indoors and a little fed up. Pig Goes Pop! (Β£19.99) youngest adores playing.

It’s simple to get the hang of; they can
easily play on their own without adult supervision. My five year old and his four-year-old friend could reset the
game when it ended and start all over again time after time. It’s lovely seeing them play board games
minus my help now. If I need to get on
with the boring chores I know they can amuse themselves. Plus youngest just loves the pig itself!

Out! once set up was another game the boys were only too happy to play on there
own. It is quite comical seeing
everyone transformed into pigs with funny snouts. Here are my three little pigs…

It’s quite a fast paced game, if you roll PIG OUT you have your
snout in the trough and try and catch as much of the food pieces are possible
in your snout until your turn finishes (when the next person gets PIG OUT on
the dice!). So we were frantically
passing the dice around our little group to try and get daddy out of the trough
as soon as possible! He does tend to
hog the food in real life so it’s suited him being in the trough for so long…
it’s quite tricky to get the food into your snout, so you do need to become skilled
at snaffling up the pieces!

little food pieces (lemon, orange, apple and potato) that come with the game
appealed to my boys, they have been playing shop with them after they finished
playing the actual game! So its great
value for Β£19.99 as my boys have used the set in so many ways.

can see these games making a few Christmas lists! Lucky for you guys I also have both the games to giveaway here, simply fill out the form below by the 26th of November if you would like a chance of winning.

John Adams PIG Competition

194 thoughts on “A Pig Board Game Delivery & Competition

  1. Always enjoy reading your blogs,I can relate to lots!!Thanks for this wonderful Giveaway,just in time for Christmas!!My Kids would love playing these games so would Mum,dad,nan,grandad,auntie,uncle,great aunties,great nan,great granddad!!!Best wishes to you and your Family for a happy fun-filled Christmas X(carroll marsh)

  2. They look great for the afternoon family games-we always have a couple of presents to open for the afternoon to extend the excitement of the day and settle the children for a great quality family time in the afternoon. These would be perfect!

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