Asda Toy Sale

kindly sent me two toys to help promote their fantastic toy deals. We already had Connect Four (£10) so we
donated it to the school breakfast club. After something to eat the children
are allowed time to play the provided games until lessons start so as you can
imagine something new was met with much enthusiasm!

was only too pleased to highlight the bargains on the Asda website, anything to
make Christmas a bit cheaper. It’s such
an expensive time of year if you do not shop around and find the best
buys. With up to ½ price offers it’s
worth having a nose to see what you might find.

only thing is you need to be quick, as it does not take long for items to go
out of stock! I wish I had browsed
earlier, the Ghost Hunt game sounded fun and was only £14.00! Boo hiss I was too slow off the mark with
that. Never mind thankfully there are
plenty more toys available to buy.

I have even spotted a Skylanders Monopoly set I know a boy
who would enjoy having this in his Christmas gift pile! It’s one way to get him off his console game
and away from a screen for a while. 
Monopoly is one of those games that seem to go on forever!!! So you get plenty of entertainment value for
your £22.

Youngest enjoys making things; he is always “inventing”
according to him, so this bumper box of crafts for £10 is a proper
bargain! There are plenty of items for
him to stick and glue, foam pieces, beads and pom poms to name but a few. He loves being busy and this would certainly
keep him occupied for ages.

can follow all the deals on the website.

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