Christmas Drink and Food Guide

do enjoy my chocolate; I have a raging sweet tooth, so naturally as you would
expect chocolate might feature on this list quite heavily! So be prepared for your mouth to water. But I do have some alcohol ideas, some Christmas edible essentials and a gorgeous hamper on the guide too, just in case you tire of all the chocolate (is that even possible!?!).

Green & Black’s

You would think Green
& Black’s is quite a luxurious brand of chocolate as it is very well
presented but its surprisingly well priced for what it offers. The Tasting Collection (RRP £10.99)
particularly is phenomenal value it looks much more expensive. I love the fact you can sample the range but
also learn more about the bars and where the ingredients come from. Chocolate lovers everywhere will enjoy the
whole tasting experience. It is big
enough to share but you might find you can’t bear too, as each bar is so
delicious in its own right its hard to give any away!

I think the Milk Collection (RRP £5.99) makes a wonderful
indulgent treat for the teachers and assistants at school. It’s getting close to that time of year to
thank everyone who has supported and helped your child, so I tend to buy a lot
of chocolate around about now. My only
problem is resisting eating it up before the boys manage to hand it over, with
Green & Black’s that’s harder than usual.

Green & Black’s is a high quality organic chocolate
bar that is ethically sourced, so you’re supporting fair trade, which is a
wonderful thing to be doing.


My hubbie loves these triangular chocolates, they are very popular at Christmas especially. My mum tends to always include one with his presents. I think he would have a major sulk if it was missing this year, my taid (granddad) used to be a huge fan of them too, so for me Toblerone brings back so many wonderful memories of my childhood.

I love how they make the outer sleeve festive, you really know Christmas is on the horizon when the Toblerone sleeves start appearing in shops with their limited edition packaging. There is also a brand new easy to eat bar, sometimes the Toblerone chunks can take some nibbling, but this is a delicate shaped one that you can easily get your teeth around! At RRP £1.19 these make an interesting and tasty stocking filler! Although personally I am still a fan of the original!

The UK is the biggest market for Toblerone so its most likely you have indulged in a bar or two in your time. I am not overly keen on nuts but for some reason the combination of honey and almond nougat tastes works so well even for me.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

These are a firm family favourite in our house. They have had some great deals on them at the supermarket too usually they have an RRP of £3.48 but I have seen them for as low as a £1! I have resisted stocking up even at that price as I would probably eat them up well before Christmas. They are so moreish, the original is my favourite but they have quite a wide range of varieties now including Exploding Candy (one for the kid’s perhaps!). We regularly buy the mini bags when watching a family film.

I have seen a really novel idea with Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, people have been covering them in maltesers and then coating with icing or white chocolate at the very top to make a chocolate Christmas pudding. I might have to try making one with the boys or cheat and buy one ready made from Edibubble!

One of these would look great in my mum’s surprise Christmas hamper.

Morrisons Festive Lines

I was treated with a gift voucher to head to Morrison’s to see what Christmas items I could stock up with. I must admit I was pleased with the range, lots to suit all budgets. The voucher managed to stretch quite far as Morrison’s is a very reasonably priced supermarket. They price match with Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and very recently they have started doing so with Aldi and Lidl, so you know your going to get very competitive prices here.

It’s handy Morrisons have a wide range of gifts and festive treats all under one roof. It can be tough Christmas shopping going from one shop to the next its much easier to head to a well stocked one and focus your shopping energies there. The stollen in particular was delightful, my mum was quick to pinch half she adores marzipan! Morrisons store baked mince pies are delicious too, I will be making a point of stocking up again soon. I confess not much is left till Christmas but at Morrisons prices I do not mind heading back to top up again!

And just in case you weren’t feeling Christmassy enough here is the Morrisons advert, which I love!

Smith & Kinghorn Hamper

I received one of the fabulous Smith & Kinghorn hampers and I must admit I was very impressed. They are packed with a range of appealing products. Hubbie quickly ear marked the bits he wanted, which was most of the hamper! Usually with hampers you find lots of items no one wants but this is certainly not the case with the ones from Smith & Kinghorn. For me even better is the price, you can actually get two hampers for the price of one at the moment, the offer lasts untill the 20th of December.

With money tight at this time of year, this offer enables you to give all your loved ones a luxurious looking gift, jam packed with lovely products without worrying too much about the cost. It’s a gift that would suit various members of your family, grandparents, parents, siblings even your own partner. The selected items offer enough variety and interest to make a well presented thoughtful gift.

It is a rare thing getting a 2 for 1 promotion like this, I have seen a few hamper sites offering deals but none this generous. Your £49.99 goes a long way here. Now we have sampled the Yuletide hamper I am quite keen to try out the Festive hamper, the Walkers Glenfiddich mince pies sound particularly decadent! With companies trying to cash in on the holiday season its so refreshing seeing S&K helping out their customers with a remarkable offer.

Aldi Alcoholic Drinks

It can get very expensive stocking up on drinks to celebrate Christmas. If you have a big family or social group to entertain it can be a worry keeping everyone topped up with fizz! Thankfully with Aldi its much less of a concern. They have a range of alcoholic drinks to appeal to the most cash strapped amongst us. But do not let the price put you off if you are accustomed to spending more their drinks are still very enjoyable, they are actually award winners!

You cannot beat Aldi for your Christmas drinks. £11.99 for a bottle of champagne is ideal, you can stock up on a few bottles for the price of one more expensive brand. It is fantastic quality for the price, nice bubbles and a good texture. It seems silly to spend anymore.

I am planning a Christmas cocktail party with a few friends and my first port of call will be Aldi to see what bargains I can find. Let Aldi bring the MERRY to your Christmas party!

Hotel Chocolat

I adore the gift range from Hotel Chocolat, so much luxurious chocolate to choose from. All presented beautifully with very indulgent flavours. I really like the Christmas range, the shapes of the chocolate get you into the spirit of Christmas and the flavours are very festive too. You can enjoy the taste of mulled wine, gingerbread and nutmeg to name but a few.

We were sent the Christmas Goody Bag (£18) its a good gift if you want to introduce someone to a mixture of treats.

I think its well worth spending the extra £2.50 to have a gift bag with your order! Any gift looks more exclusive nestled in the tissue paper inside a quality bag. If you want to make someone feel spoilt this Christmas that’s a good way to ensure it. But once they sink their teeth into the very first chocolate they will know just how much they mean to you! These chocolates are decadent.

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