Christmas Energy Costs

it’s such an expensive time of year in all respects; countless presents to buy,
making sure you are all stocked up with extra festive food and looking at this
infographic from My Four Walls
raising energy costs too! It’s hard for
families making ends meet anytime of year but at Christmas you feel more under
pressure than usual.

would love to snuggle around a fire, but at the back of my mind I worry
endlessly about paying the next energy bill. 
So rather than the season to be jolly, its actually the season to be
very cold hereā€¦

like the idea of putting our roof to work! 
We have a giant roof and it might as well make itself useful and earn
its keep. It certainly has cost us
enough in maintaining it so far; it’s about time it contributed back into the
family finances.

we could power our home with the energy from solar panels, we would have no
worries about covering the Christmas tree in twinkling lights or enjoying the
comfort of regularly having the heating on! 
We could start to decorate our whole house, like this example of extreme
Christmas lights
; the children would enjoy glowing reindeers, polar bears
and penguins to show off to their friends. 

than huddling under a blanket, wearing my thermal leggings, onesie and dressing
gown to try and stay cosy we could bask in the heat and enjoy the radiance of
our festive lights. I think there is a
lot to be said in making the most of eco energy if it helps you get the
Christmas you want.

advent starting on Monday and everything gearing up to the official countdown
to Christmas it’s also important to spare a thought about our beautiful planet! Christmas is about giving so investing in
eco energy is helping ensure a brighter future for everyone, being cleaner and

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